4 years ago we started this journey, tirelessly working to create an amazing product and experience. We have over 35 years of combined experience in food manufacturing, customer relations, worldwide distribution, and we are coming up on 10 years in the wine industry. Not to mention we have been wine connoisseurs for the last 20!

We have worked with wineries from France, Italy, Chile, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand and of course North America. We are not sommeliers but we feel that we know quality when it comes to wine.

We are very happy to share our love for wine with our customers and to have us with you in your home, parties, get togethers, after-work hangs, box socials, shindigs and whatever other events or reasons you have to enjoy wine! We’ll be right there having a drink with you. Cheers!


We here at 66° intend to give you the best experience and quality when it comes to our beverages. Our founders not only believe that our customers experience should be an impeccable one, but that it should be a memorable one as well. We want your first experience with our wines to be just as great as the next time. We want you to tell your family, friends and co-workers about us (not just because it’ll help our business and Thank You by the way! We wouldn’t be here without you!) but, because you want to tell them!


Our dealcoholization process is one of a kind! Thanks to the technology used we maintain the taste, the punch, and the feel of an alcoholic wine without there being any. Traditional dealcoholization practices involve boiling wine to evaporate and kill off any alcohol. By doing this boiling method, sure, it would kill all the alcohol but it would also kill all the natural flavour and aromatic palate notes of any wine which then have to be replaced by additional flavourings and sugars to try and make the wine taste “good” again (which let’s be honest, it didn’t). That’s not how we do things. We demand the highest quality flavour and taste from our wine! Try it and you’ll see!


Our founders started this revolutionary product 4 years ago. Through hours upon hours of research, product testing, lab testing, trial and error, the government protocols and guidelines, brand, logo and label design, bottle and can choices, sample after sample after sample! We have finally created an amazing product for the world to enjoy and we are just getting started! 66° isn’t going to stop at just CBD dealcoholized wine, we have big plans in the future for cannabis and wine. We can’t wait for you to take this journey with us!

More than a drink. It’s an experience.